Serifos is one of the lesser known Cycladic islands, not nearly as popular as its famous neighbors, Mykonos or Santorini. Situated  close to Attica (a 2-hour fast boat ride from Piraeus), it features the standard Cycladic landscape you would expect, namely, gorgeous beaches, barren rock and white-washed buildings. And a couple of windmills, too…

I should point out from the start that I am completely biased when it comes to the beaches on this island. Even though I have not been to all seventy-two of them, I have yet to visit another Greek destination with a better (or even similar) coastline or underwater environment. But hey, see for yourselves:

For an underwater glimpse, click here.

Apart from the beaches, the island is unique for the remnants of iron ore mines operating during the early 20th century. The Greek labor movement owes much to local mine workers’ demands for better salaries and improved working conditions. Traces of iron are evident on the reddish hue of the land itself, but you can also explore the caves on the hill around Koutalas and watch the sunset behind the rusty loading brigde in Mega Livadi.

From a tourist’s point of view, Serifos is one of the lesser-developed islands (a euphemism, meaning locals are not too thrilled about mass visiting and therefore no large hotel complexes exist on the island). However, in recent years, quality small hotels and rooms-to-let have developed and there are also tasteful homes for sale or rent.

Food is much better than it used to be (would suggest to prefer meat over fish) and goat is abundant, as is common in the Cyclades. Do keep clear from the local wine, which is nothing like its Santorini counterparts. I admit, to me, most of it tastes like vinegar!

Serifos is an island with a short tourist season; everyone wants to visit mid-July and August, so be smart and avoid that period. September is a great time to visit, as the Aegean meltemi winds subside.

serifos light house
Lighthouse at Spathi

I hope you enjoyed these pictures from this beloved gem and will be happy to offer more specific tips in case of interest… For more vivid imagery, I invite you to check out this video.


2 thoughts on “Serifos

  1. I love the bay of Koutlas. It is one of the places worth to die for. Could you recommend some decent accommodation there, please ?


    1. The bay of Koutalas consists of three beaches, Koutalas, Ganema and Vagia. There is no hotel or rooms to let in Koutalas or Ganema and there is a Cocomat hotel, pricey but well located, in Vagia. Other than that, I’m sure you can find accommodation via Airbnb or some equivalent site, however that would be unofficial accommodation and I could not make any recommendations. Personally, I would stay in Livadi to be close to restaurants, bars and super markets… if you need accommodation suggestions there, let me know.


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