The village of Sklithro is located in the South West part of the Florina prefecture, on a plateau, about 700m above sea level and is, in itself, not particularly outstanding. If you make it to this remote corner of the country, though, it is probably because you know what to look for.

Sklithro Village

This small village of 500 residents is renown as home of the restaurant by the name “Thomas Taverna”. Do not be fooled by the term taverna, which usually describes cheap, plain Greek eateries with paper table covers and beer as the drink of choice. This is a proper gourmet restaurant, with an extensive wine list and excellent service and, what’s more, it looks the part, too.

I am ashamed to say I have no pictures of this highly praised restaurant; this is because, when there, I focus mostly on food, drink and having a good time; if you are curious, here‘s their Facebook page with plenty of pictures of the restaurant and its dishes…

Apart from fine dining, Sklithro offers relatively easy access to several interesting places and activities in the surrounding area. One that should definitely make your list is a family-run outdoor activities business by the name of Artemis. Inspired by the ancient goddess of hunting, Takis, village postman by day, has set up this business with his two sons, offering horseback riding, guided hiking tours, mountain bike rides, canoeing in Lake Zazari and pretty much anything else you might request!

Takis is very knowledgeable of the area, the history, flora and fauna and no matter how often you might come back, he’ll always have a new place for you to discover.

Finally, a stone’s throw away from Sklithro you can find two Arkturos sanctuaries: the original one, in the village of Nymfaio, on top of one of the mountains overlooking the plateau, is set up for the protection of the brown bear. My favorite one though was established in more recent years, in the village of Agrapidia, and is dedicated to protect a greatly misunderstood animal, the wolf.

Bears and wolves that have suffered in human hands are protected and cared for in the Arkturos sanctuaries, but one may still hope to catch a glimpse of predators like these in the wild – so far, we have not had the pleasure, but we are not giving up… yet.


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